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   Welcome to the Japanese Railway Society

The Japanese Railway Society (JRS) was founded in 1991 in London to promote the knowledge of the
railways of Japan in the UK & other non-Japanese-speaking parts of the world. Since 1991, there have
been several activities like exhibitions (also of railway models), a TV-show (on Naruhodo The World, Fuji TV),
many meetings in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and many guided tours to and meetings in Japan.
Our membership is now more than 200 people in over 10 countries worldwide.

   What's New ?

Bullet-In # 93

In this issue: -

Editorial, Publications, Shop, Letters, Chat * JR Office in London (2) * News Update * Torokko: Truck or Trolley * Memories of Train Whistles * The Yōrō Railway * My First Two Visits to Japan, 1966 and 1970 * Interesting Experiences – Lessons Learned * The Akechi Railway * Model-In: Shinkansen in HO * Model-In: Exhibition Calendar

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  • News Archive
    October 2015 edition
    By Anthony Robins

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Photos of the Month

Matsuyama & Kumamoto Trams

JRS member Gordon Bannister is presently on tour in Western Japan and has submitted some recent shots from these two systems for our monthly photos.

Matsuyama's Iyo Tetsudō have received 2 new tramcars of a new design and class, the 5000 series. The first car 5001 shown here at Matsuyama City Station on 27th September 2017. The new cars feature Free Wi-Fi, digital destination equipment (in English & Japanese), plug doors and LED lighting throughout. They entered service on 21st September 2017.

Kumamoto's articulated tramcar 5014 was originally operated by Nishi Tetsu on their Kita Kyushu Line, later their Fukuoka City system coming to Kumamoto in 1978. It has recently been refurbished. Stabled here at the depot beside car 1096 on 29th September 2017, it was seen out in service later in the day.

Kumamoto car 9705 is an ADtranz GT4N, a shortened version of the more well known GT6N model which are common to many German Tram Systems. Seen here at the depot it is currently out of service awaiting parts from Germany to repair a damaged door assembly at the A end. 29th September 2017.

Photo of the Month Archive

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