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The Japanese Railway Society (JRS) was founded in 1991 in London to promote the knowledge of the
railways of Japan in the UK & other non-Japanese-speaking parts of the world. Since 1991, there have
been several activities like exhibitions (also of railway models), a TV-show (on Naruhodo The World, Fuji TV),
many meetings in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and many guided tours to and meetings in Japan.
Our membership is now more than 200 people in over 10 countries worldwide.

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    Bullet-In # 104

    In this issue: -

    * Editorial, Letters, Chairman’s Chat * News Update * All Change at Chiryū (3) * Trains Numbered 104 * Meitetsu’s ‘Evangelion’ Stamp Rally * A Kyoto Tram in The Old Pueblo * Sayonara, Meitetsu’s Two-Door trains! * Gone Forever After Less Than 30 Years * Joyful Nagoya – Tokyo Tour * Visit to Hankyū Railway * A Railway Without Its Own Trains? * Ki 100 Snowplough * JRS Japan New Year’s Meeting * Model-In: Modelling Calendar *

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    Photos of the Month

    Tramcars built in 1928

    This month we take a look at a selection of tramcars which have in common, a build year of 1928.

    All Photos: Oliver Mayer


    Hankai Mo 161 was built in 1928 and is still running on the Hankai Tramway in Southern Osaka. Here it is seen on a charter at Hamadera-eki-mae, with low-floor car 1003 (built in 2015) behind. 4th October 2017.

    Meitetsu Mo 754, built in 1928 and in use until 2001, is shown in the livery for service on the Seto Line in the 1960s and 70s inside the Seto-gura Museum in Seto City. 19th April 2018.

    Meitetsu Mo 513, built in 1928, and until retirement in 2005 has always been running on the Gifu interurban lines. It has been plinthed at the station forecourt of JR Gifu in November 2019. 9th February 2020.

    Photo of the Month Archive

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